Someone you Should Know 

A Portrait  Artist Christina Alvner

From: Lynton United Kingdom 

Clare started making stained glass in the mid-1980s, sick of working in offices, She began to learn to cut glass in my basement. She began making terrariums and decorative mirrors and selling them.

She then opened a shop, with friends, making and selling decorative stained glass items and lampshades, and slowly window commissions came in.


Clare left the shop in the early 1990s and began her career as a solo artist.


She is self-taught! "I   have read many books about stained glass, architecture, and art. I began glass painting in 1990. In more recent years

(since 2005) I have worked with and learned from, some wonderful artists, working in oil paint and watercolor, in life drawing, portrait, and landscape. Most of my painting is en plein air and from life. The painting has informed my stained glass windows."


She decided to get a degree, and studied fine art for 3 years, graduating in 2010, aged 46.


This experience was difficult as the people teaching her had not been professional artists, and, did not understand the struggle, and could teach me little artistically.


Not part of the British establishment of stained glass, (I didn’t go to the right University or study with any UK studios) I just show locally at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, a supportive group of makers, and a few Galleries here in Somerset, England.


Her largest audience is online, as I have enjoyed sharing my work with interested people.

Shop Her Store On Etsy 

Clares Website 

Clares Beautiful Windows UK

I Started following Clare on Twitter where she shares her Farming Her Planing and Her Lambing! She is an artist to get to know Her creative Genious is this She is A Master of so many avenues.

She is a Star in our Eyes!

She designs Note Cards and more She is Someone you need to check out!

Clare Has A Great Welcome to her Shop on Etsy

Welcome to my shop deep in the heart of Exmoor, England, where the wild deer run free and owls hoot from the woods.

I hope you fall in love with my owls, hares, deer, and swallows ... and that the moon and stars twinkle for you as they do here, on this dark sky reserve.

If you are buying a gift, please do say, as gift wrapping is a great way to show you care, and I just love sending parcels that folks swoon over.

Overseas shipping can take a while, but compared with the time it takes to make this traditional stained glass, it is worth the wait!

I have been making stained glass since way back in the last millennium, and I am delighted to be shipping it all over the world thanks to Etsy!

Enjoy the sparkle!


Commissioned Piece 

Clare At Work                   The Unforgettable Window            St Marys Church Window 

Minehead Spiritualist Church  Unforgetta
St Marys Church.jpg

Diamond Jubilee Of Her Majesty The Queen                                Front Door Lynmouth

diamond jubilee Queen Elizabeth II-001.j
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