'2020 Trial to 2021 Harvest' Matt Sorger

God is the Master Re-Designer! He is transforming the struggle, trial and pain of 2020 into into a place of great harvest, grace and power.

I Didn’t See That Coming! Many have said this over the last year. Many have walked through some very difficult things that they just didn't see coming.

, we all go through moments and times of pain. It’s especially difficult when that pain includes other people. Sometimes you find yourself in a conflict with someone you never thought you’d have an issue with. You can feel mistreated and hurt by their words and attitudes.

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Don’t Let the Enemy Short Circuit God’s Blessings for You

It can be very stressful to be mistreated and hurt by the attitudes, actions and words of another person. The temptation will be to get angry and offended. It’s not wrong to feel angry, especially when mistreated. But what we do with that anger will determine whether the situation hurts us or whether it promotes us. The enemy loves to design situations to bring destruction. If he can’t hit you directly, he will try to stir up whirlwinds all around you. This can include stirring up people. He can influence thoughts, attitudes and actions. When something negative and hurtful comes at you, you need to recognize it for what it is. Yes, the flesh of the person is involved, but the enemy wants to offend your heart to try to short circuit God’s blessing and plan for your life.

Your Deepest Pain Will Become Your Place of Greatest Power

When you identify who the true enemy is, you can guard your heart against the poison of offense. You can see every place of pain transformed into a place of power. The very thing the enemy designed for your hurt and destruction, God will re-design for your blessing, increase and promotion. I’ve learned from my own experience that my places of deepest pain ultimately become my places of deepest power, authority and grace. God is the Master Re-Designer! He is already working and re-designing everything the enemy has sent into your life. Your place of deepest pain will become your place of deepest breakthrough and anointing. Your place of threshing will become your place of harvest.

Drop the Baggage! Don't carry the baggage of 2020 into 2021. It's time to let it go and clear the slate.

I recently taught a whole message on this entitled, Thrive in the Threshing Floor. It’s in my newest teaching series, Break the Power of Offense. God wants you to experience abundant harvest and breakthrough where there has been pain and disappointment. It’s time for these things to turn around in your life.

I want to help empower you to experience the abundant life God has for you, one filled with breakthrough, joy, freedom, wholeness and grace.

Matt Sorger




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