'A Clash Of Ultimate Power' Rick Joyner


There are civilizations, cultures, philosophies, religions, and economies that have been juxtaposed as opposites. Much of human history is about the conflicts between these opposites. To live during one of the great battles of such ultimate powers is to have a seat in one of the great classrooms of human knowledge and for understanding human nature. We are in perhaps the greatest of all such classrooms now.  

         This is not to imply that we are here just to be observers. If we are the salt and light we are called to be we will make history, not just observe it. Even so, as some of the most important wisdom and knowledge is illuminated during such times of confrontation between competing ideologies, we must learn all that we can from this opportunity. The present generation is on the front row of what may be this age’s senior class. 

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         As we are witnesses and participants in the culmination of the age, all that has been a part of influencing the course of humanity is coming to full maturity. Both the ultimate flaws and the most noble characteristics of human nature are becoming manifest. Scripture calls this time “the harvest,” which is the time when all of the seeds that have been sown, both the good and the bad, come to maturity. This is the period when mankind will reap all that has been sown. This time is also called “The Valley of Decision,” when all must choose which side they’re on. 

         Marxism claims to be the ultimate philosophy, religion, economy, and culture, and will tolerate no rivals. For this reason, Marxism has emerged as the primary juxtaposition of almost every previous philosophy, religion, economy, or culture. Standing in its way of world dominance are those that promote freedom and honor the value of every individual, permitting them to embrace the beliefs they choose and to be able to share them freely. In true Marxism the individual has no value except as a slave of the state, and so freedom of every kind is the desperate enemy of the Marxist state. 

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         How did any philosophy that is so dark, so negative, so reactionary, so outrageously oppressive, and contrary to all that has brought the advancement of mankind gained any following at all, much less the control of so many nations? The first reason is deception. Marxist propaganda claims it to be the opposite of what it really is, and few people dig deep enough into what they are told to find this out. This is one reason Lenin called their workers and promoters “useful idiots.”  

         Another reason Marxism has gained such a following is that it has developed a very effective strategy for using and agitating cultural wounds, offenses, and injustices to turn people groups against each other until there is a meltdown into chaos and anarchy. They know that anyone who even briefly experiences anarchy will then be willing to accept Marxist totalitarian control. 

         Everywhere that Marxism gained control resulted in destruction, poverty, and starvation on unprecedented levels in human history. How could anyone even give it serious consideration as a government and economy? Knowledge and reason have not been major factors in decisions many people make. To understand why anyone would become a Marxist we must look into the unreasonable, the eccentric, and the roots of cultural insanity caused by bitterness and resentment. We must also understand that those indoctrinated by Marxism do not respond to reason because they have been well conditioned to reject anything but Marxist doctrine.

         Even with the scourge on the earth that Marxism has been for over a century now, most of those who have lived under its iron yoke have come through it, out of it, and are now effectively immunized against it. The most deeply committed anti-Marxists are those who had to live under it. Now this group is a large part of the population of the earth.

         A reason why America has been so naïve and vulnerable to Marxist propaganda and insurrection is that we have been so blessed to be free of its horrors. As we are witnessing its rage and intolerance in the present distress, Americans are waking up to this evil. Understanding Marxism, and our own heritage in America, is growing fast, and more Americans are starting to understand both who they are and who our enemy is. This will ultimately make us much stronger and better. 

         America is not just made up of people groups from all nations, we are also a composite of all religions, philosophies, cultures, economic principles, etc. America has not only been the primary importer of consumer goods, but we are also the primary importer of ideas. We have the freedom to examine them, and keep the good and reject the bad. Under Marxism, even to listen to ideas other than the party line is dangerous.

         Good ideas have been action points to help America keep advancing and building, being embraced by visionaries who seek a better future. We’ve imported many bad ones too, which come from bitter, wounded, offended people who may claim to be for a better future, but cannot define what that is. Most are motivated by their offenses to tear down and destroy all that America has been built on and stands for.

          From its beginning, Marxism saw America as its archenemy, its greatest threat, and made its number one goal the destruction of America. As the Marxist madness and poison was sweeping the earth, America did become the primary bulwark against it, and we remain so to this day. Seeing why America is such a juxtaposition to this ultimate evil that Marxism is will help us see who we are called to be as a nation—and help us to never deviate from our resolve to be a place of “liberty and justice for all.”

         The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger at the expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men. ~Samuel Adams, (known as “The Father of the American Revolution.”)

Rick Joyner

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