'Accessing A New Season' Dr Renny McLean Video

Renny McLean Ministries mission is to provide spiritual enrichment and empowerment that will positively transform the lives of every ethnicity through the three realms of the supernatural: Faith, the Anointing, and the Glory of God.

Apostle McLean carries the mantle of the supernatural and teaches from the three realms: Faith, Anointing, and the Glory of God. Traveling to over 80 nations, God exalts Apostle McLean to minister the supernatural in signs, wonders, and miracles. Seeing the miraculous became the norm to him. He describes this as God’s norm and should be norm for the church.

Dr Theresa Phillips Is Ordained Under Dr Renny McLean

Dr Renny McLean




Live Broadcast

Thursday The 28 Jan @ 6 PM CDT

This Broadcast will Open your eyes to many things and Give you peace in the midst of Chaos

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