'AMiracle Is Going To Be Activated' Steve Munsey VIDEO

Dr. Steve Munsey recently visited us to record a show with me and he looked up and said, “Paula I feel in my spirit to tell your close ministry followers a Word from The Lord...” So when a Prophet comes to deliver a Word… YOU LISTEN!



Only 7 Bottles Remain of this New Amazing Oil

Back To Your First Love

The Oil HERE

Feb 4 2021 This Oil came by the Presence during the time watching the snowfall.
I  was just saying GOD snow is your breath...
  Breathe on me I  went outside and opened my mouth and Huge flakes fell into it  Then I came in and The Presence had me pour the Oil ...
Roses 3 Types Pomegranate Royal Oil and More ...  I  kept Hearing Return To Your First Love ... So, here it is! 
And as I   began to pour I  saw GOLD in the Bottle!!! 

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