'Born For This?' Kris Vallotton

We are in a wild season and it’s about to get much more interesting. I’m talking about the upcoming US presidential election that’s happening smack dab in the middle of not only a very heated social climate but in the midst of a raging pandemic. What could go wrong? I’m being only a little facetious but truthfully, I’ve said it many times, Christians were born for times like these! Earlier this year, I woke early in the morning to a voice in my spirit that said, “You were born for this season.” I’d like to propose that God was not just talking about me being born for days like these, He was talking about you; He was talking about all of His people! 

Here’s the problem: all of us are in what feels like a never-ending death spiral. However, there are some who are being tossed around by every doom and gloom forecast, foreboding emotion, and borrowed offenses because they do not proactively seek God’s perspective about the matter at hand. One might think that this wouldn’t be said of Believers, but I’m here to tell you, we can do better! I propose that God expects us to!

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It’s paramount that we use God’s perspective to process what’s unfolding before us and not let the spirit of this age blind us to the profound reality that Jesus is King and is very much in charge right now! I recently preached on this very thing and how imperative it is that God’s people are mindful of how we perceive the world. I also clearly lay out how Jesus was able to bond with those He had differences with and was able to love those who utterly disagreed with Him. I encourage you to check it out and get clarity on how we ought to engage one another amid this tumultuous time. 


• Core values determine the way we see God. If you don’t proactively develop your core values, they will be developed for you by the world. 

• Meditation impacts your core values and is the Hebrew word growl. Meaning, when you meditate on the word of God you are bulldozing new neural pathways in your brain that train your mind with TRUTH. 

• Feelings are great servants but they are terrible masters.

• We all have apostolic distinctions that shape our core values and how we approach ministry. These distinctions cause us to differ but should not cause us to be divided. 

• In Denominationalism, you divide when you disagree and gather when you agree but in Apostolic cultures, you gather because of covenant and love and learn to acknowledge and embrace the apostolic distinctions that make us different. 

• The Spirit of this Age is dividing us through offense when in this season God requires us to be bonded and to love our enemies and be loyal to God’s ways, not the ways of this world. 

I’m here to tell you, you may not be feeling it now, but one day you will be thankful you were alive during one of the most prolific moments in history! Why? Because you are a witness to God moving mightily not only in the world and in our nation, but in your very own life! 

One of the most impactful ways you can take part in walking with God in this season is to develop in spiritual intelligence and use God-thinking to cut through the chaos of today. And, might I suggest not allowing the apostolic distinctions that come with your calling cause you to separate from those Jesus called you to bond with and wholeheartedly love. We ought to pay close attention to how we engage with one another over the next couple of months as it’s crucial to align ourselves with God’s will for the remainder of 2020. This call to maturity and humility will not only impact your own life and bring peace in the midst of the storm, but it will be a testimony to all those who are watching how you carry yourself currently. In closing, I pray that you will begin to be present with His presence and be mindful of how you pray and speak about the remainder of this most profound year. 

Kris Vallotton




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