Building a FIREWALL of Prayer. Barbara Yoder

Building a FIREWALL of Prayer. We are living in times of great conflict as well as great glory. God is moving, the kingdom is advancing. As we advance, there are battles we must fight with the Lord. One of those battles we are currently engaged in is the preservation of our Nation, the USA. God has a plan and redemptive purpose for the USA. Now is the time that we, the Ekklesia must partner with heaven to turn the tide.  Patricia King called me (Apostle Barbara Yoder) yesterday with an urgency in her spirit concerning an external threat against America. She believes that because of our several internal struggles (virus, economic downturn, riots, burning cities, anarchist groups infiltration etc.) we are significantly weakened and now is an opportune time for an enemy (nation) to take advantage of us externally. She consulted with Cindy Jacobs before moving on this. As a result, she has asked us and others to help build up a firewall of prayer and protection for our nation.

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Think "FIREWALL" as in a computer application that keeps out all virus and damaging influence to your computer operating system. It's time to build a FIREWALL to keep out and eradicate the plans of the devil in whatever way they would manifest.  She’s contacting 24 ministries and leaders for the purpose of covering the nation in "24-7" intercession beginning now through the presidential elections in November. She is asking us to take 1 hour a day, 7 days a week. I have been given 6AM to cover. Each leader will mobilize prayer for the USA against external threats 7 days a week through the November elections. The purpose of this prayer is to avert what Patricia saw as a time of great potential threat to our nation from an outside entity. I myself had a vision February 2019 of smoke arising out of at least 5-10 cities on the East Coast and one internal city, Chicago. It was smoke coming from something like the dropping of a bomb. Rick Ridings, the Leader of Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, Israel has just asked the church to arise in intercession to avert a threat of global conflict, war in the nations.  The Lord told us now is the time for awakening and global harvest.

We agree! If global conflict arises it will thwart God’s timing. The enemy always seeks to do things “out of time”. (Daniel 7:25) The “sons of Issachar” (1 Chronicles 12:32) are to perceive the timing of God and act in partnership with Him to see his plan come to pass.  As mentioned before, we have accepted the assignment and the time slot of 6AM. We are informing you also to see if you are willing to join with us as Firewalls for our Nation, crying out for God’s intervention. We are believing God to destroy every threat from outside our nation against HIS now destiny and purpose for our Nation.  Please email us at: Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!  Building the FIREWALL together,  Apostle Barbara J Yoder


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