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2020 was both unforgettable and amazing. This has been a year like none other, memorable in many ways. For me, it began with a 2019 Christmas present - a much-needed back surgery on December 27. The injuries I incurred while playing football as a young adult, plus the wear and tear of 30 years of travel, caused my back to need some permanent adjustments. The pain had become excruciating and I was using 2 canes just to function. God led us to the right family doctor who connected us with an amazing surgeon, who knew just what to do.

After recovering from the surgery and then physical therapy, I had hoped to begin making small trips in March/April 2020.

However, Covid-19 swept in and changed all of our worlds. Instead of traveling, my rest and healing were extended. As challenging as it was for Ceci and me, as well as for many of you, the forced rest was good for me both physically and spiritually. I was unable to travel for 6 months, and that has not happened for more than 30 years. Because of having employees to pay and other ministry expenses that continue with or without travel, we were concerned. However, the partners of our ministry and many of you rallied around us and our ministry like we had not ever experienced up until that time.

Even though I did not travel for 6 months due to my surgery, recovery, and then Covid restrictions, we did not have to lay off any employees and all of our bills were paid. To those who came alongside us during that challenging time - THANK YOU. We literally could not have done it without you.

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We sensed your love and appreciation, and that felt so good.

As Covid restrictions began to lift somewhat, and as a response to a word from the Lord to have a Holy Convocation to pray for the nation, we planned our RESET 2020 Conference, in Middletown, Ohio. Because of the 50% capacity restrictions, we were able to have only 1500 attendees. The registration filled within 3 days. So many were anxious to join together and pray for America, and what a conference it was! Many of you attended. It was one for the record books, so to speak. The presence of the Lord was STRONG as well as the prophetic words and ministry that took place.

Because of a prophetic dream, after the conference I went to Coudersport, PA, to the Headwaters of the Allegheny River. The Headwaters are not an easy-to-find national landmark, but are located on private land. We were able to locate the owners of the property, who happened to know who I was, and had read some of my books. They drove me onto their property and took me to the exact location - what an amazing trip.

A couple of weeks later, I took a team and we visited the Headwaters once again. While there, we also held a service in this small town. We advertised the service on social media for only 2 days and the church was filled to capacity as well as 400,000 people joining us online. We were both surprised and amazed at this overwhelming response.

I have made 7 trips to Washington D.C. this year. 90% of those trips were made just to pray for our nation, on-site - boots on the ground. On one of those trips, I had a divine appointment where I met with some people connected to our government. They made an appeal for me to join the natural to the spirit since what we do in the spirit directly affects what happens in the natural, basically marrying civil and spiritual government. They suggested I go to each of the 7 election-contested states, and call the ekklesia of the Lord to come together, joining us to pray for America from each state. After praying about this, Ceci and I felt this was an assignment from the Lord, and what an assignment it was! I called some of my prophetic and apostolic ministry friends/leaders and asked them to pray about joining me. We took a team to Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania (again). This Pray for America Tour came together quickly and we streamed each service live on my YouTube channel (you can still find each service on YT). God blessed the services in each state and gave us strong words for our nation. In 2015, we started a free prayer app called Give Him 15 where you can find a devotional, a decree, and a prayer one can pray each day for our nation. With the contested election in full swing, I felt the need to start reading each of these daily devotionals on YouTube, providing a way for people to join me in prayer for America. We did this the day after the election and have continued to do so. We are having between 150,000-250,000 people join us each day. It’s been astounding to see the body of Christ join together to pray for our nation every day, and I am very grateful.

In March of this year, we began a free podcast called Conversations with Dutch that can also be found on YouTube (subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be alerted when a new podcast or GH15 is posted). Thank you for watching/listening to the podcasts and the GH15 devotionals. Within the past 28 days, over 6 million people have watched these videos. Through these, we have seen the ekklesia come together, praying in agreement, believing that we will not lose the freedoms we all hold so dear in America.

God is our Lawgiver, our King, and our Judge - He IS government. All government must flow from God to bring order, life, peace, and justice into our families, organizations, states, and nations. God is into government, not politics. It’s important that America stays in a position to fulfill God’s destiny and purpose. He needs certain people in office in order to do this. It’s all about keeping the America our founding fathers meant for us to have, preserving our many freedoms, saving the babies, honoring God, and so much more. We must make our stand and do the right thing.

Thank you for believing in us. We ask for your prayers as we enter 2021. We will continue to carry the message He has given us and fulfill His destiny for Dutch Sheets Ministries.


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