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Thu, Jun 04
273 Dearborn Court
Jun 04, 9:40 PM – Jun 06, 10:00 PM
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Are you hungry to find your place that brings you to SUCCESS? We all are! This summit will bring to each of us TOOLS of the Kingdom to advance our Purpose and Destiny !
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Christmas 'December To Remember' Cindy Gutierrez

FAITH & FAMILY: December to Remember! The cheerful Christmas commercials had begun.The voice on the t.v. blared about a December to remember and I cringed. I bit my tongue. My first reaction was “yeah right! This is going to be one of the worst Christmases!”

Just then I heard the Spirit of the Lord, “What if this really will be a December to remember?” Let me back track.

In August the company I worked for was sold and relocated over 50+ miles away. After 41 years of straight employment and almost 59 I suddenly found myself unemployed.

My faith suddenly began wavering as door after door kept closing for new employment opportunities. Faith. It’s so easy when all is well. God is God and changes not.

So then if our faith is in Him, our level of faith should not change. FAITH IS! NOT FAITH WAS! Our eyes remain fixed on God. Our hope remains anchored in Him. It’s imperative that our words are faith words working for and moving ahead of us regardless of what our natural eyes see. The Passion Translation calls it “Now faith: Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. (Hebrews 11:1) DON’T CURSE YOUR CHRISTMAS!

Don’t curse your Christmas and don’t curse the unknown in your future. Recently I had a night vision. I heard my voice yell out “I want to die!” Immediately I heard a voice say with urgency “Take back your words! Take back your words!”

In the next scene I realized it was not my voice that had uttered those words. They were someone else’s. (I knew that to be true because I do not have a death wish.)

This may be a season where there have been trials and the thought of Christmas cheer is bringing more torment than joy. Be careful of your words. (Prov. 18:21) Christmas the miracle birth of our precious Jesus.

A virgin had to grab hold of faith to give birth to a child that when we think about it was surely not an appropriate time of her life. Pledged, but not yet married God interrupted her life. Mary received in her spirit by faith and conceived in her body the promise spoken from Heaven. Her cousin Elizabeth confirmed it.

But I wonder did the enemy ever visit Mary and torment her in the night hours to try to shake her faith? Bring fear about her future? Bring doubt? During this Christmas season whether joyfully on the mountain top or in a dark valley lean into the abundant arms of our Savior.

Don’t curse the unknown. Grab hold of every promise in His Word and speak faith. Our faith pleases God and activates His promises.

Speak as if this really will be a December to remember!

Cindy Gutierrez