'Elections As The Sea Of Control' Johnny Enlow

The enormity of what is presently being exposed with the massive and multi-pronged voter fraud cannot be overstated. The freedom of the world is at stake. Elections around the world are ALL manipulated and while the idea of a “Democracy” is a great tease it presently doesn’t really exist. This is the one interruptive chance in history to bring down what is the equivalent of the Red Sea of the book of Exodus. How so? If we remember the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt—after Pharaoh “relented” and granted them freedom—"yaaaaaay we are free.”

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But then suddenly the Red Sea is before them and Pharaoh is chasing them down knowing they can’t get past that overarching control mechanism. “Yes you are free to go worship your God”—and so the Israelites can move COMPARED to the previous level of bondage, but yet Pharaoh knows he has another control mechanism that will still hem them in. “Deep state” control. This is where we are today. We and all “free” nations need to be led through the Red Sea of orchestrated elections and thus orchestrated control. We have known and focused on financial fraud/corruption on the pre-election side of things but the REAL corruption is in the vote-stealing and subsequent election manipulation. He/she who counts and certifies elections determines who runs the nations. It is a Red Sea of control.


The reason this exposure process today must be grueling, thorough, exhaustive, and complete is because it goes way beyond simply this election. The control of “Pharaoh" through his “chariots" and through his “Red Sea” (perhaps also Red C as in CCP) must be broken once and for all—after multiple generations of control. The whole world is now watching and it is important they all see it happen. It is NO coincidence that a primary software of election control is called DOMINION. It is all about controlling the people while making them believe that THEY have the power to choose leaders. “Get out the vote” campaigns have been a relative charade in the light of the whole real picture. It has mainly all been a farce. Smoke and mirrors. Fake. Fraud.


To diagnose the “giants” in the land while not seeing God at work only leads to immense futility. This is where I suddenly shift and tell you prophetically that this Red Sea of control is coming down now! The same Red Sea that did the controlling will now drown the very manipulators who have used it. Their own “chariots” are about to bog down in the very mud they have created rendering them inoperable and accelerating their destruction. They will "hang by their own noose.” Repentance is always an option until judgment has come— but it is coming now. The first red tsunami will be seen by them as they get absolutely avalanched by a massive wave of roaring justice. God has raised Trump as a modern-day Moses to lead this nation and, by extension, the nations of the world out of multi-generational oppression. Though even a good man-initiative could fail, this God-initiative will not fail. He who begins a good work—finishes it. Our God reigns! The refuge of lies will be devastated at a global level. The new era will not be one of next-level control but it will be one of next-level freedom. HOLD THE LINE. KEEP THE FAITH. DO NOT TAKE ONE STEP BACK. GOD WINS. HIS PLAN WINS.

-Johnny Enlow




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