'God is Exposing Unjust Weights ' Dr Cheryl Ann Needham

God is Exposing Unjust Weights & Measures

Prayers that God would Expose are Boomeranging Back to Us!

As I was praying for God to expose all wickedness regarding the 2020 election, He responded, “Remember, I’m not a respecter of persons. What I do for one group, I will do for everyone including the Church. Then He continued with this prophetic warning. For prayers have gone forth that I would expose--- in the nation as well as the Body of Christ down to toes. I do not tolerate unjust behavior under the guise of the banner of Christ--- For he stands alone as the King on the throne no matter which way you slice it. There is a plumb line that I’ve released to unjust weights and measures--- It applies one to all and will strike at their treasures. For unjust weights are commonly applied, its unfortunately become the American way--- But the plumb line has been set and many will be exposed as hypocrites in every which way. My Church must learn that wickedness is being exposed in every nook and cranny--- Expect great fallout. Protect your fanny. For there will be great lashing out at one, at another--- Each striving to protect oneself from the attacks of his or her brother. The best strategy is to go low now and receive of My correction--- Then stand again to help others after you have had a time of reflection. There is no other way! I’m calling for repentance now--- Not just a change in your countenance, but a change in THE HOW For its how one lives that matters to Me--- No more unjust weights and measures. No more hidden wickedness, says Me. For My justice is falling on this land--- Best to be on the Lord’s side. Best to not put your head in the sand. In summary, unjust weights and measures are unfair standards. In Biblical times, dishonest merchants would carry two scales in their sack, each calibrated differently. If the merchant wanted favor with a particular person, he or she might use the scale designed to display a lighter weight so the buyer pays a lesser amount. But the merchant might use the other scale that displays a heavier weight in order to exact a higher amount. Here’s what the Lord says. “Unjust weights and measures are areas in one’s life that are not fair. They apply to others, but not to oneself. Or they apply to certain groups, but not to others. I deplore unjust weights and measures because they are a counterfeit standard. My standards are right and true – for everyone. I do not show favorites.” The LORD detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales (Pr. 20:23, NLT).

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Unjust weights and measures are deceptive, and they show up in almost every area of life. Here are two categories to consider with Holy Spirit - hypocrisy and favoritism. HYPOCRISY In the Greek, a hypocrite is a pretender. Pharisees were pretenders and Jesus often called them out for expecting exacting behaviors from others that they weren’t walking in themselves. “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people's bones and all uncleanness (Mt. 23:27-28). Jesus also called out the crowd for hypocrisy. “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye” (Mt. 7:5). Satan, disguising himself as an angel of light is the biggest hypocrite of all (2 Cor. 11:14)! When we emulate hypocrisy, we are emulating the enemy of our souls, not Christ. FAVORITISM We display favoritism when we apply a certain standard to certain people but not to others. Jesus repeatedly called out those who favor or prefer certain people above others (Rom. 2:11, Acts 10:34, James 2:9). "My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory" (James 2:1). God, Himself, is not partial (Dt. 10:17), so we are called to follow His example. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Prior to releasing this word, I asked Holy Spirit to search me for areas of unjust weights and measures in my own life. One evening, I was granted insight into attitudes and behaviors that indeed were unfair. For example, I expected my husband not to check his cell phone when we were having a conversation. Yet Holy Spirit revealed that I had done this at times during my conversations with the Lord! I was a hypocrite by expecting something of my husband that I was not doing with Jesus. Invite Holy Spirit to search your heart to determine if there are any areas of unjust weights and measures in your life (Ps. 139:23-24) and then receive His forgiveness and grace to walk in a new way! Here are some questions to get you started: Hypocrisy

• Do you expect certain behavior from your spouse, spiritual leader, children, boss, employee, government official, the media, etc. that you aren’t demonstrating yourself? For example, do you chide the media for gossip, yet you participate in gossip at times (Mt. 23:23)?

• Do you fail to bridle your tongue at times (James 1:26-27)?

• Do you have any hate in your heart for any brother or sister in the Lord or for leaders you strongly disagree with (1 Jn. 4:20)?

• Do you present yourself as more spiritual, holy, diligent, accurate than you really are behind closed doors? (Mt. 6:1)

• Do you honor God with your lips, but your heart is far from Him (Mt. 7:6)?

• Does your online presence depict a false narrative about you (Mt. 23:27-28)?

• Do you sow more into your spiritual life than you do your spouse and children, finances, or health (Mt. 23:37-38)?


• If your favorite Christian leader falls morally, do you give him or her more understanding and grace than you would a different leader who also falls morally whom you dislike or disagree with (Rom. 2:11)?

• Do you show favoritism to certain donors due to the size of their donation to you {Mark 12:41-44)?

• Do you casually break your word or commitments with certain people but not others (Pr. 20:25)?

• Do you treat every person you encounter with the same measure of respect and courtesy: Whether online, over the phone or in person? Independent of their rank and position (Acts 10:34)?

• Do you favor certain streams in the Body of Christ more than others (Gal. 3:28)?

• Do you confront bad behavior in certain people but let it slide with others (James 2:9)?

• Are your contracts and agreements weighted in your favor or are they fair to all parties? (Phil. 2:4)

• Do you ever use people to get what you want at their expense? (Luke 6:31)

Our prayer for God to expose wickedness in our nation is a boomerang! What we have prayed for others will be done to us as well, because God is impartial. Remember, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus! We have graciously been given a heads-up, so that we may we heed this word, go low, partner with Holy Spirit and emerge on the other side as a bride without blemish, spot or wrinkle

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a speaker, author of Sound Alignment 2.0 and Prophetic Consultant to Christian CEOs and Business Owners. She is founder of Be the Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride for the return of Christ. www.BeTheRemnant.com




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