'It's About The Presence' Dr Theresa Phillips

The Presence

I heard the sound of a rushing wind.

Then, I heard the sound of many waters.

I stopped to see what He would say to me.

His voice is like a flickering light never going out.

I knew I was in a moment in time when

something amazing is about to take place and He and His Divinity was about to speak.

Standing still upon a threshold vacating all that was past... to advance into the new.

Expectancy is very high.

I know it's true favor was and is going to be released in that very moment in time when one seems to succumb to despair but does not allow it.

He announces himself like clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning.

The revealed promise begins to emerge and revelation becomes the norm because the Presence is our friend.

This is the dwelling place of the Almighty He reigns He gives. He IS!

Then He instructs one's hand like a bow and an arrow in the arm of God..

As a yielded vessel I say here am I Lord send me!

The Kings Ambassador

Dr. Theresa Phillips




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