Johnny Enlow Responds To Christianity Today

This is my response to Mark Galli and Christianity Today for his article on President Trump. I posted on his Facebook. (from Johnny and yes I am steamed)

Mark, I have never met or even heard of you before your article calling for President Trump's removal from office. To say I am profoundly disappointed in your article would be the understatement of all understatements.

Your absolute lack of discernment is alarming and astonishing. Your timing couldn't have been worse. Your arrogance couldn't have been more evidenced. Your cowardice perhaps tops it all- as you hide behind your magazine instead of pursuing any legitimate point first through personal reconciliatory dialogue.

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To invoke the name of Billy Graham as your inspiration is yet another impropriety and I understand that Franklin Graham has responded to you on that- though I have not yet read that. Furthermore, to imply you should have done this long ago adds the next level of stench to your overall article. It reeks of foolishness, lacking an iota of wisdom or understanding. When the things come out that will be coming out you will rue ever having thought or written the paper that you did.

Donald Trump has risked his life, his fortune, his family to be a part of a rescue plan from God to save us from an immediate future so dark that it is almost incomprehensible. Our nation has been being run by a band of criminals that are so perverse it makes the mafia look like saints. The proof for this is already available to all the unindoctrinated by mainstream media control and progressively this whole nation and the whole world will know what I am telling you. Satanic cabals have been essentially running the world and if Hillary Clinton had won it would have sealed the world's demise- so help us God (and He did).

That you would desire our President to be removed because he doesn't hold a level of righteousness that exceeds 90% of pastors (and believe me I know this as I am one of them and have ministered to 1000's of them) is such core Phariseeism that I am beside myself that you lead a magazine that has had some credibility.

Expect that credibility to greatly tumble- not because I am prophesying it- but as the fruit of what you just sowed. There are consequences for being where you are and doing what you did. Because you did publicly what you did, I will also be public with my rebuke.

I assume you will receive a tsunami of human rebukes for your article (that you might smugly dismiss) but may you not miss the rebuke that you will receive from the Lord Himself- as that will be forthcoming as well. If you are a son this will be next.

Johnny Enlow


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