Govt. Kevin McCarthy Over Torn Speech Of Sitting US President

Kevin McCarthy Minority Leader

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According to federal statute USC Title 26 SS197, all speeches given before Congress are to be preserved by the Speaker of the House and delivered to the National Archives for safekeeping.

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Pelosi Rips Trump’s Speech But It’s Kevin McCarthy That Rips Her – Who’s Laughing Now?

(Tea Party PAC) – Last night, President Trump delivered an inspiring and moving State of the Union speech and while Republicans were reverent and supportive of the President, Democrats were up to their same old divisive, immature behavior. While the Democrat women were uniformly donning their all white “suffrage” outfits and their self-proclaimed victimhood status, it was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who took the award for most disgraceful and embarrassing behavior.

Pelosi kicked things off on a sour note by breaking with the traditional introduction for the President. The Speaker of the House traditionally says they have the “high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States,” but Pelosi slighted President Trump by simply saying, “the President of the United States.”

Then, Nancy had the nerve to extend her hand to shake President Trump’s as he handed her and Vice President Mike Pence their copies of the speech, but Trump turned around and appeared to snub Pelosi. A visibly baffled and offended Pelosi then began her plot to get back at Trump for her apparent humiliation.

She was caught red-handed testing out the paper to see if she could rip it. In a video posted to Twitter by Brandon Morse, Pelosi thinks she is being discreet by putting the speech out of view of the cameras but, really, what other purpose did she have to be moving the speech out of view in this manner? It’s obvious she is testing the paper and plotting her deranged revenge.

Brandon Morse


Here's Pelosi testing to see if she could rip the speech before the speech even started. She was planning to do it from the start.


12:01 PM - Feb 5, 2020

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At the conclusion of Trump’s memorable State of the Union address, Pelosi wasted no time following through with her disgraceful plan. As most of Congress cheered, Pelosi stood behind Trump and ripped the speech all while looking extremely proud of herself.

While she thought she really got Trump good, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has put Pelosi firmly in her place. He stood in the House with an official copy of the speech which he declared would indeed make it to the House archives.

“Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi was unmoved and chose to tear up the House’s copy of that speech. She had no right to destroy this document, especially one filled with such impactful stories of American patriots. The record was presented before the People’s House, and it belongs to the American People. And that’s why I’m here today. In my hand I have an official copy of the President’s State of the Union address, signed by the President, given to me at the White House today. It will be delivered to the House Clerk to be archived and preserved for posterity. Whether she likes it or not, these great American stories will be remembered by history, not erased by the Speaker.”

McCarthy is absolutely right.

Pelosi had no right to tear up the speech. She should be held accountable for her disgraceful behavior. Fortunately, McCarthy made it clear Pelosi would not win despite her childish display.

Hopefully someone gets her the articles of impeachment she signed.

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