'My Man Will Be In Office, But it Will Not Be by Man's Way' Dr Cheryl Ann Needham

When many prophets were prophesying that Trump would be in office, the Lord was having me prophesy to the Body of Christ regarding her Bridal preparation, that we would be without blemish, spot, or wrinkle. (Remember, we each prophesy in part.) The Lord warned that He would be exposing unjust weights and measures in the Body of Christ (specifically favoritism and hypocrisy) so we were to ask Holy Spirit to search our hearts and prepare. He warned and instructed us in how to prepare and respond to the season of vanity and self-adulation that was about to come into the Earth.

Subscribe To CPV On January 1, 2020, He warned that we were to pray for the best and prepare for the worst regarding who would be seated in the office of the President. He was cautioning us about a subtle idolatry that had entered into many who believed God for a specific outcome versus believing God for Who He is. (Many pro-Trumpers got offended by that and unsubscribed from my Be The Remnant email list.) There were other prophecies, those are just a few highlights. Based on this track record, I can hardly be considered to be one who prophesied soulishly or who was a political prophet. However, on January 8, the focus of the prophetic changed dramatically.

  • He promised a turnaround. (Jan. 8)

  • He warned of His vengeance against the wicked and promised that many of the "innocents" would be rescued and their testimonies would convict those who didn't yet believe in Christ. (Jan. 10)

  • He expressed His heart for the Republic and that because we were conceived in His mind's eye, He would again show mercy. (Jan. 13)

  • He had me continue to prophesy over our Republic about the fast God chooses (Is. 58:6-12). This fast delivers captives, takes care of the poor and needy, and contends against injustice. His promise as we do those things is that God will be our rear guard and that we would again be a repairer of the breach and have cities with streets that are restored!

Then, on February 2nd, He specifically addressed the Office of the President. Here is that prophecy. February 2, 2021 My Man will be in Office, but it Will Not be by Man's Way "I am still waiting for belief to fill My house. Not a belief in a strategy or a person, but a belief in Me. Too many lost heart after Biden was seated in the office." "Since when is My will defined by something as insignificant as that? Biden in office? Phooey!" "My man will be in office, but it will not be by man's way. My man will be in office, consider that to be an American way. My man will be in office, and it will be by a harrowing way. My man will be in office, this is what I say." (Harrow is an instrument that is drawn over plowed land to level it, break the clods, and cover seed that is sown. In modern day usage, harrowing also means to torment or vex.) "Tell them that I am on the throne! Tell them that I am a God of mercy. Tell them that I want My nation back, for My nation was formed in My Mind's eye, not in the eye of man. This is what many do not understand and as a result, their passion waivers." "Does it matter if it's 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years? The point is, I am not finished yet! So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life. For the news happening around you will try to pull you down, but My Word, My prophetic Word will pull you right back up." Cheryl Ann


-- Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a speaker, author of Sound Alignment 2.0 and Prophetic Consultant to Christian CEOs and Business Owners. She is founder of Be the Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride for the return of Christ www.BeTheRemnant.com


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