NEWS: Another Lockdown Even In Israel

Another Lockdown is Coming Up in Israel

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Shalom Friends,

Israel is set to enter a national lockdown on Sunday as COVID-19 infections surge to over 3,000 per day. The lockdown will begin (this) Sunday at 5:00 pm, and will last for two weeks. If the situation does not improve, the government will add another two weeks. This lockdown is considered to be the most extreme one since the start of the pandemic in Israel. A full list of regulations is still awaiting final approval.

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What Can We Expect from the New Lockdown?

  • Only immediate family members will be allowed to visit homes.

  • Movement is restricted to 1 kilometer from home.

  • Shutdown of leisure and entertainment spots.

  • Public transport will be limited to 50% capacity.

  • Gatherings will be restricted to 20 people outdoors, and 10 people indoors.

  • Education systems will continue to function with restrictions.

  • Returning Israelis will face a mandated quarantine in COVID-19 hotels. The quarantine will last for 10-14 days.

We turn our hearts to Yeshua, and thank Him for the salvation He gave us when He died for our sins.

Yeshua told us that where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there in their midst (Matthew 18:20). Whether you are quarantined or not, Yeshua will be there with you, and that is what matters the most. Enjoy His presence as you reflect on the joy His birth brought to the world.


GOZJ Staff, Daniel and Amber Pierce


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