'No More Delay' Matt Sorger

It's time to advance forward into your call, gifting, anointing and destiny. God is saying, "No more delay!"

We are in a time where God is catapulting people into their callings and destinies. God has amazing good works for you to do. These good works are an integral part of the destiny God has planned for your life.

Many of us carry a sense of destiny, that we are called to be doing something more than what we are doing at the present moment. You feel this way because your life has a purpose greater than your present state or condition. There are greater things God has designed for your life.

But you may be experiencing frustration because you haven't seen the fullness of God's intent for your life manifested yet. And you are asking the question, "How? How am I going to get to where God wants me to be?"

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I have asked God this same question. I remember when God spoke to my heart in prayer one day. He said, "Find the lost children." My first response was, "How?!" I soon learned that God wasn't looking for my "HOW." He was looking for my "YES." When I surrendered my will to God's will and said, "YES," then He began to give me the "HOW." Now five years later we have seen over 200 children rescued from child trafficking!

I want to teach you a massive key for fulfilling your destiny and the life God has designed for you. It's a key that God taught me early on in ministry. It's the key of ACTION.

Many of us receive a word from God and then sit passively waiting for it to somehow just happen. We think to ourselves, "Well, if this is really God's will, one day it will just happen." Then years pass by and it still hasn't happened.

Here's a word from God for you today. It's time to pick up the word God gave you and begin adding action to your faith.

James 2:17 teaches us, "So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead)." (AMP)

I've learned through experience and by the Holy Spirit teaching me, that when God calls me to something there will be a divine partnership. God will give me the insight I need to take steps of action that will bring momentum to the word He spoke to my heart. As I add action to my faith, the design and plan of God begins to unfold in reality and soon I am walking in the fullness of God's destiny and purpose.


Today I want you to pray and ask God what steps you can take to add action to your faith. You are called to a divine partnership with God. He has an amazing life designed for you. But it won't happen passively. Make a decision today to overcome procrastination.

It's time to MOVE FORWARD! The life God has designed for you is waiting for you!

ACTION is only ONE KEY to seeing God's destiny and abundant plan unfold in your life. I have so much more I want to share with you on this!

Prophetically it's time for you to step out of the boat and begin to do things you've never done before! God wants to use your life in an amazing way that will impact multitudes of other people.

Matt Sorger




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