Government: Our Position in Christ Fosters Our Freedoms Dr. Candice Smithyman

Have you ever thought about our first amendment right to free speech. I am sure Jesus would have agreed with this amendment because He was one that spoke the oracles of heaven and He needed to have the freedom to share the Word of God with others, even when people disagreed.

Today our rights to free speech are attacked everyday. You cannot turn on the news or go on social media where you do not see an action taken against our rights to free speech.

As citizens of heaven we need to be able to preach the gospel and share the good news. We need to be able to tell people they are not victims in life but victors by our death, burial, and resurrection in Christ

(Romans 6:3-6).

We are seated with Christ in heavenly places and this is our royal position (Ephesians 2:6). We hold this seat whether or not we feel like it. It was bought at His price and we get to exercise our freedom as a result of His sacrifice. Today men and women around the world serving in the armed forces do so to keep our freedoms, one of those being freedom of speech. If we do not hold dear the constitution and our bill of rights we will lose all that we have as a nation.

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Jesus would want us to have freedom to share and speak truth and combat the lies of the enemy with His Word. Most educational hierarchies in America do not respect the very constitution that was established, as today many will not let freedom of speech, for fear something will be said that they do not like.

As an educator myself and a counselor, if we do not foster a healthy view of ourselves in understanding who we are in Christ, we will not be able to listen to differing views that may even cause us concern. However, we must be able to dialogue with respect and honor and in a way that enables growth and advancement.

We need to be less concerned about offending others and more concerned about sharing the love of God even when a dialogue is needed. Let us remember He bought our freedom to share His love and Word and we must be advocates for free speech so that we can continue to advance heaven on earth.

What you believe to be true about your position in Christ and being seated with Him in heavenly places determines your ability to listen to differing views and handle them with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Let us always be an example

Dr. Candice Smithyman


Host, Glory Road TV Show

Founder, Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute Exec Pastor, Freedom Destiny Church

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