President Trump's 21 Gun Salute Till Later..."We'll Be Back" Videos

Updated: Jan 22

President Trump BOards AF1 As President for Florida.

CBN NEWS President Trump left the White House for the last time Wednesday morning en route to his home in Florida.

“It’s been a great honor, the honor of a lifetime. The greatest people in the world, the greatest home in the world," Trump told reporters before heading to Marine One on the White House South Lawn. “We love the American people, and again, it has been something very special. And I just want to say goodbye but hopefully, it’s not a long-term goodbye. We’ll see each other again.”

Trump then stopped for a brief departure ceremony at the airport at Joint Base Andrews before boarding Air Force One.

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21 Gun Salute

Boards Af1

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President Trump and FIrst Lady Land In Florida To Cheers

God Bless America

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