'The Awakening' Apostle Pat McManus

As I have been thinking about what is before us and the different prophetic words that have been released around us about that we have missed our time or we are not going to enter this great awakening. Well I believe we have not missed anything.

I believe we are entering into the greatest time in the history of the Ekklesia than ever before.

The difference is those who want to continue to embrace things from a religious perspective from those who will embrace it from a kingdom identity.

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We are seeing that we have walked more in a religious perspective than kingdom and have missed out on what God’s original intent was. But not anymore. There is a sound rising up in the heart of those who are pressing into those who have an ear to hear the Voice-of the Father. Get ready for the shaking to begin.

Get ready for the power to be revealed. Get ready for the Glory of God to be seen. It will not come to those who are playing church but to those who are the true Church (Ekklesia) on the earth.

Let the sound of awakening begin and press on in the fulness of that sound

Pat Mc Manus




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