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In 2019 a study determined that America was the most negative country in the world. For most of our history, we were known as one of the most positive countries ever. What has happened in just the last few decades to so radically change our nature?

As negativity is one of the great hindrances to progress and well-being, this portends a very dark future for our country if not turned around. To do this we must understand how it has happened to us, and how, as a nation we have become defined more for what we are against than what we are for.

Until recently America was filled with vision, purpose, and was listed among the happiest nations in the world. Now a harsh and angry cynicism casts a crippling doubt on everything and everyone. How could we go from the hope of the world to not even having hope in our own future, even despising our own country, which by almost every measurable way is still the greatest in the world?

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This is nothing less than a national case of depression. What is the cause? Even more important, what is the cure? God Himself addresses this in Genesis 4:6-7:

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen (depressed)?

“If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.”

This is the only psychological statement in The Bible, and the great champions of faith concluded that it is because it is the only one needed. Could it be that simple? If we do good, we will not be depressed, and if we do bad, we will be? Yes.

As God’s last statement to Cain states, we are the ones who choose whether we live in the black hole of depression or whether we live in “the joy of The Lord” that He has made available to all who follow Him. America used to follow The Lord, seeking to know Him and do His will. When the decision was made to listen to some of the worst among us and basically ask God to leave our land so that we could choose to do as we wanted, a terrible depression covered the land. The further we have gotten from Him, the greater this darkness has become.

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Depression makes one prone to see the darkness rather than the light; the worst in situations and others rather than the good. A depressed person will look at something and see trouble, while a positive person will look at the same thing and see opportunity and possibility. This is why positive, visionary people are the most successful and change the world for good.

Depression so stifles hope and faith that it is a primary destroyer of a life of purpose and accomplishment. Therefore, it is a serious condition for a person to fall into, but can be fatal for a nation. Now, before we get any more depressed by this Brief, America is still filled with more vision, purpose, and hope than any other nation. We are also poised to have a greater future than our most remarkable past.

Marx, and every other Marxist/socialist proponent, has said from the beginning that Marxism could never achieve its objective to subjugate the world until America was destroyed. Interestingly, the reason they said this is one of the most remarkable endorsements of how great America has been to any thinking person, but true Marxists are not really thinking people. In fact, true Marxists are conditioned not to think, but just obey. That’s why President Reagan got it right when he said, “A Marxist is someone who has read Marx. An anti-Marxist is someone who understands Marx.”

Even so, from the beginning America has been the primary target of Marxists. As we touched on previously, and will cover in more depth now, Marxists laid out a 45-point strategy in the 1930s to destroy America, with the main thrust to take over the media, education, and the entertainment industry. Through these they would gradually revise our history to make the good look evil until Americans would despise their own country.

This Marxist strategy for destroying America was a 100-year plan, to be implemented slowly and methodically so as not to cause any reaction until it was too late for America to recover. It is now considered that this strategy has worked almost to completion. The final phase is now unfolding, which is creating the divisions and chaos that will lead to anarchy, after which the people will readily accept the totalitarian control true Marxism requires.

Will this strategy prevail? We are the ones who will decide. No doubt we have been brought to the place of crisis, which Webster’s Dictionary defines as “the point in a disease when it is determined if a patient will live or die.” As a nation, we are at that point, and if we have allowed the national depression to overtake us, we will likely look at the patient, our country, and think there is not much hope. If we have not fallen to the depression, we will look at the patient and think, “No problem! We’re going to get through this too and be better than ever.”

Though the media would have us think that the whole nation is now descending into chaos, it is only a tiny fraction of the people who are making all of the noise. Even though the leftist media has been resolute for so long in trying to make America into what it wants us to be, only the young who are easily swayed and the naive, those Lenin referred to as the “useful idiots,” have bought into the Marxist madness. The chaos and destruction is only making the rest of America wake up to this terrible evil and begin to confront it.

Because the Marxist poison has been fed into the nation for so long, with the most potent coming in the last few decades, we have been weakened and would no doubt perish if this had been allowed to go on much longer. But it hasn’t. It was allowed until the ugliness of this evil was put on full display for all to see.

We now have a great battle to fight, but America has the antidote to this poison in abundant supply. America can now prevail in such a way that this evil will not rise again here for a very long time, perhaps long enough for the kingdom to come that will prevail over all evil for all time.

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

“For behold, darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples, but the Lord will rise upon you, and His glory will appear upon you.

“The nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.

“Lift up your eyes round about and see; they all gather together, they come to you. Your sons will come from afar, and your daughters will be carried in the arms.

“Then you will see and be radiant, and your heart will thrill and rejoice, because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you, and the wealth of the nations will come to you” (Isaiah 60:1-5).




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