'Two Questions' Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Psalm 42:11

WHEN COMPARING THE ACTS OF forgiving and forgetting, I believe forgetting is the tougher assignment.

Why? Because forgetting is something that is shared with no other person. It's a solo flight. All the rewards are postponed until eternity . . . but how great they will be on that day!

Forgetting requires us to think correctly, which means our full focus must be on the Lord and not on people. By God's great grace, that level of freedom can be experienced.

Before we move on, let's pause long enough to ask ourselves two questions:

First, is there someone or something I have refused to forget, which keeps me from being happy and productive? If your answer is yes, stop right now and declare it openly to your Lord. Ask Him to take away the pain and the bitterness.

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Second, am I a victim of self-pity, living out my days emotionally paralyzed by anguish and despair? If your answer is yes, stop and consider the consequences of living the rest of your life excusing your self-pity rather than turning it all over to the only One who can remove it. Read carefully these ancient, but amazingly relevant, words from the pen of David, Israel's shepherd king:

Why am I discouraged?

Why is my heart so sad?

I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again—

my Savior and my God!

It is not “too hard” . . . you are not “too old to change” . . . and your situation is not “too much to overcome.” What you need to do is put your hope in God today. There's wonderful freedom there. It's never “too late to start doing what is right. Invite God to produce this change in you!

Chuck Swindoll




Guest Dr Cheryl Ann Needham

We are a company of people learning what it means to be the remnant. Throughout Biblical history there was always a remnant. For Gideon, there were 300/32,000. For the spies checking out the Promised Land, there were 2/12. For the virgins, there were 5/10.

Our desire to be considered part of His Glorious bride, and to be that, we know that we must endure with joy, faith, and confidence the shakings and trials that are ahead.


1. We grow in Truth AND LOVE. One without the other is not God’s way (1 Cor. 13)

2. We are aware of the SIGNS OF THE TIMES (Mt. 24)

3. We seek to rid ourselves of all yeast of the Pharisees instead, seeking WISDOM FROM HEAVEN which is pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy (James 3:17,18)

4. We seek to walk in POWER and GLORY so that the world will know Jesus Christ is Lord (John. 14:12)

5. We have a healthy FEAR OF THE LORD marked by a pilgrimage to increased HUMILITY and HOLINESS (1 Pet. 5:6)


Rather, like Daniel and his friends, we seek to LEARN how to walk a called out life, living in the world but not of it REGISTER HERE

Thank you to all our writers We appreciate you

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