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I saw the ship (Old Ironsides), U.S.S Constitution.

In the first vision, in 2009 I saw the "U.S.S Constitution," and it was laying on it's side in the middle of the ocean. The U.S.S. Constitution was a Command Battleship, it was never boarded by the enemy. When I first saw the ship, laying on it's side in the water, I thought the ship was going under. The side that was exposed was all rusted badly. Rust speaks of corruption.

Then I saw the hand of God come down from heaven, and the hand began to paint on the rust, that grey anti- rust paint. This was to heal the rust ( I was thankful that God had not forgotten about America and all the people praying.

About A week after this I had another dream vision ( in 2009) and this time I saw the same ship, still laying on its side, and the rust was exposed. It was as if I was looking at it from an airplane. But this time I can see that now there was a man standing on the side of the ship.

He had overalls, and he was painting the same anti- rust paint that God had, over the rusted parts,

I remember thinking how dangerous that was, because the rust could cave in on him, and he would fall through.

I wondered who the man was, so I asked the pilot ( God). We seemed to zoom down, and I couldn't believe that I was looking at Donald Trump, who I had not seen before, apart from some TV series. This was in 2009 and was posted on Elijah List

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SO NOW last night ( 12th March 2017) I was looking at the U. S. S. Constitution sitting in the water this huge, huge enormous wave suddenly rose up and looked like it was going to smash down on U.S.S Constitution -and I Saw Leviathan rise up In the midst of the water, along with the huge wave.

The huge wall of water began to crash down on the ship, but the wall of water, seemed to lose its power.

As the wave was going over the ship the water released a blessing and people on the deck started to laugh.. I believe this part represents the huge waves of attacks that have constantly come against the President. But he is always on the Ship (U.S.S Constitution)

At the time of the Election in 2016 I began to see a scene that constantly stayed with me. I saw the sea - with the waves and Donald Trump was in the waves. On the shore was Moses -with a crowd of witnesses behind him. On the night of the election God showed me the spirits still waging war over Washington - He showed me in the Spirit what was happening - and I was telling people what to pray. I saw the Prince of Egypt standing over Washington DC - I saw the arrows of the intercessors hit that spirit and it fell over. Then it left out of Boston Harbour. Finally a huge wave brought Trump to the shore.

Moses stepped forward, and they embraced-. Trump received an impartation from Moses for the law and the Constitution. Then Trump went on into the land.

I had all kinds of visions, like anyone else who prays, and I saw many things. I saw Hillary Clinton - "She will go to jail in a pony tail. etc etc.

I kept seeing red high heels in the Supreme court, and the night before Justice Ginsberg died I saw a rope - like a noose slither across the floor and circle around her feet. Then it pulled her out of the court. If she had retired earlier like she should - she might still be aiive to enjoy her grandchildren. She was very sick for a long time, and hung on and on in order to oppose Trump.

So now coming up to this next election I saw very clearly that Trump once again was in the sea. I guess it was the Red sea..as Moses was standing on the shore again.

President Trump was in the water - there were small, but strong waves, that were making him tired. He had a heavy wool coat and because the wet coat was so heavy it was making it very hard going, I prayed and two Angels come, and took off the coat, then it was lighter.

I saw Joe Biden also in the water - but he was floating, face down - and he was "dead in the water" there were dead leaves floating around him. ( dead works) That's because he was never called.

Finally Trump made it to the shore- "amidst troubles" the Lord said. When he reached the shore two ladies in white dresses stepped forward, and helped him out of the water. ( they represent the intercssors.)

Then once again Moses embraced Trump. On the shore also were the red high heeled shoes I had seen so many times in the Supreme Court. Suddenly Justice Amy stepped into them, and accompanied the President into the land. Justice Amy received her authority anointing to go with her calling, when Donald Trump reached the shore.

She went on into the land with President Trump. She helped him on his commission.

I had another vision .. I saw Joe Biden going up the steps the Capital building, and he got 2/3 of the way up, and then stopped- he was not able to proceed further. There are other things of course- everyone is hearing from God in a great way.

A while ago I asked people on my mail list to send me the things God had shown them re praying for President Trump. I had the most amazing detailed dreams and visions - more than all the "big" prophets had given. I was shocked- in a good way

Blessings Kathie




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